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@Muskogee Church

K5 - 6th Grade
Aug 15th- Oct 8th
1st Game Aug 27th
Cost $85 a player

We create



Attention to detail and specific sport skill training along with an emphasis on fun and 

attention to YOUR athlete sets us apart from the competition


What is Upward

Upward Sports helps kids learn about sports and play in an encouraging and skill-building-based program. Our goal is that all players walk away with more confidence and passion for sports. This is a Christ-based program where sportsmanship and character are part of the fabric of our approach.

Season Timeline


When do we practice?

Practices happen once a week for an hour. Practice times are based on the nights that are best for your schedule. 

Can girls play?

Yes! We want every kid to be able to play. Our hope is to have enough players to have leagues for boys and girls.

When are Games? 

Games are on Saturday Mornings between 8 am-12 pm. Usually, the age group will determine the time slot.

Are there scholarships available? 

We try to make upward affordable but we know that there are some that have needs. We have partial scholarships available. If you are interested please reach out to the church office at

Can I volunteer?

We encourage every parent to volunteer in some way. We need coaches, referees, set up and clean up teams, and snack stand volunteers. 

June 1st-August 7th

Registrations are Open through August 7th. All those registered Should make plans to be at Evaluations on August 7th between 8 am and Noon. Evaluations last 30 Min max.   

Pre Season
JULY 23rd-Aug 14

July 23rd Evaluation

August 6th New Team Communication

August 30th-October 23rd

August 15th- 26th

First Weekly practices

August 27th -October 8th

Weekly Saturday Gamedays

October 8th Celebration and Team Parties

Other Events


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